Monday, October 7, 2013


John Grisham must be one of the most prolific of modern day popular thriller writers.But is he collectable ? Due to his remarkable success a great number of his books have been filmed.However the initial quantity of first edition printing of his hardbacks increases all the time,
Answering my own question I would say that his early books certainly are and will become more valuable and sought after as time goes by.After all look what has happened to Wilbur Smith. First editions of his earlier books are virtually unobtainable(mainly the Heinemann series).
I will certainly still obtain John Grishams for my customers.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


One of the most prolific writers of the modern thriller passed away this week.His epic novels will be missed! RIP.
For information on his many books  you can contact me on

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I have accumulated a good range of Stephen King hardback novels, mainly First editions, which I am anxious to clear as ,frankly I need the shelf space.I have never personally been a great fan but recognise that he is very popular and collectable and my prices will surprise you.For a list send me an e mail on  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED ! If you are desperate phone me (Office Hours) on (27)12 361 5144. and ask for Doug


I was in the process of adding to my catalogue a book by Rudyard Kipling that I had not come across before.It was described as "his forgotten masterpiece" Well aware of his stories such as 'Kim', 'Puck of Pooks Hill' and his'Just So' series and that he had served as a correspondent in both India and South Africa,I was a little surprised to see the title as The Irish Guards in the Great War...The Second Battalion.
However behind this book was a very tragic story.His only son John Kipling, who was born in 1897,was not only deeply loved by his famous father but who was featured as Dem in Puck of Pooks Hill. When World War broke out in 1914, John, who was only 17 and below the minimum age to volunteer of 18,begged his father to allow him to join by using his influence.Reluctantly Rudyard contacted his old friend from their Boer War days, the eminent Lord Roberts(who had lost his own son,who was awarded a posthumous V.C attempting to save the guns in Natal during the Boer War).Lord Roberts succeeded in getting John Roberts a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion,The Irish Guards before his 18th birthday.His father accepted all this with great foreboding and a very heavy heart but accepted his son's wishes.
It was leading his platoon  at the battle of Loos in 1915 he was seen to have been wounded and was never seen again alive and was posted as 'missing' and later as killed in action.He was later buried with a tombstone as an' Irish officer' and it was only many later that a formal identification was made.Kipling died in 1936 never knowing where he fell and where he was buried. A sad story but it lead to him writing this very accomplished history of his son's regiment in World War 1.A very good read !

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Is Ernest Hemingway collectable a number of people have asked me ?

Well certainly I have always answered, although scarcity is not necessarily a criteria.But now in

recent weeks I have started to come across his books. "The Old Man and the Sea" and "For whom the

Bell Tolls" and so on. Fascinating ! I wonder how many readers ever saw the great, if a little

depressing, movie , about the old fisherman and his epic battle with a very big fish,starring Spencer

Tracey, and the story of war and love  in World War 1, starring Gary Cooper and I think Ingrid


And how many of us know that Hemingway committed suicide with his own hunting rifle ?

Interesting ? Perhaps ?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It is time again for my newsletter which will be dropping on your Internet door mat in a few days,certainly around the first of August.
Whilst July has largely been a relatively quiet month for sales, largely, I guess, due to the July school holidays it has given me the opportunity to acquire a good and very interesting list of additional books,These will appear  with my newsletter and by that time, if not shortly afterwards, they will appear on my web site will also appear on Bid or Buy "Bid Now"
site(always at the same price as my web site).
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Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Hello Everybody,
 For those of you who have been to my blog before, welcome back ! and those of you that are here for the first time ,welcome !
I will not go into the reasons why it has been so long since I last made an entry.It does not matter !
I just want to talk about books !
For those of you who are unfamiliar with my set-up I have a web site devoted mainly ,but not exclusively, to books on Southern Africa,but I also stock other categories and my web, is designed to make it easy for anybody to locate a book.I also have a free book finding service.
You are invited at any time to contact me by e mail,, with questions, enquiries,suggestions,or just to pass the time of day !
On my web site I have  a Newsletter which is mailed at the beginning of each month which is topical and also contains a list of most of the latest books I have uploaded.
I should mentioned that my web site is linked to Bid or Buy and all my books are available through them on "Buy Now" at the same price.You can of course order direct from me through my web site.
I should mention that I do supply overseas and now that Pay Pal is now accepted in South Africa, where I reside, buying and payment is straightforward.

So now onwards....let us talk about books !

best regards to all !

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