Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Lawrence Green--Lords of the Last Frontier

Lawrence Green's, "The Last Frontier" is probably the only modern non-political work in English covering the whole story of South West Africa.The author spent 30 years gathering the material for this fascinating narrative.
Here are all the people.White and Black and the little yellow Bushmen.You see the desert coast ,the great cattle and karakul ranches and pleasant towns. Here was the adventure that lingered on the last frontier under the South African flag.
It is a book full of vivid characters,the tough men and fearless women who made the country.It tells the story of what was South West Africa magnificently.
Full of many original illustrations.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lawrence Green---Eight Bells at Salamander

"Eight Bells at Salamander" was written in 1960 and, as a South African seafaring book is unusual in that it does not rely on recounting the famous wrecks, such as  the Grosvenor, the Birkenhead and the Waratah ,which have been exhaustedly covered in many other books but includes a great deal of material  which will probably be new to most readers.The author made voyages to remote places along the South African coast to sites where many other wrecks had taken place He then conducted research in the files of the British Admiralty and  the British Museum libraries  and the Greenwich Nautical Museum as well as visiting South America to obtain the material on which this fascinating book has been based.
This authentic book includes, many mysteries,prison ships,stolen ships,lost and abandoned ships along the South African coast as well the untold story of the ocean voyage of the Africaaners who set up the their colony in the Argentine.
Immensly readable as all Lawrence Green's stories are.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lawrence Green----Karoo

Probably Lawrence Green's most popular story was and still appears to be today,at least in my experience,  is "Karoo ",written in 1955, and reprinted almost 20 years later.
It tells the story of all the karoo regions of South Africa, the Great Karoo, Little Karoo and the far corners of the North West Cape and Namaqualand. He describes vividly these great spaces which exert such a peculiar spell over many who pass through them and which create impressions which strike answering chords in the hearts of all South Africans. He brings the empty spaces of the Karoo to life with tales of the Bushmen and the baboons,the springbok,  jackals and sheep; karoo mountains and rivers  and the people and great characters living in karoo solitudes.,
Lawrence Green had an international reputation,and as the London "Times" stated,'Affection for the out-of-the-way places is the secret of Mr.Green's success'

A list of available Lawrence Green titles is available at then click on Africana-Lawrence Green.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Information About Lawrence G Green

I will not attempt to write a biography of Lawrence Green as this has already been very well done by  John Yates Benyon in his " Memories of a Friendship" but by way of an introduction I will set an outline of the man and his many books that will I hope assist the reader.
Born at the turn of the 19th Century he saw service in both World Wars,the latter of which created a gap of 6 years in his writing which commenced in 1933 with his first book "The Coast of Treasure" and resumed in 1945 with"Where Men Still Dream".His last book "When the Journey is Over" was published in 1972,shortly before his death. It has been said that no writer captured the atmosphere of the past and present of South Africa over these years as Lawrence Green.He travelled widely throughout Southern Africa and overseas in his capacity as travel writer and journalist, researching and recording his subjects writing virtually a book every year.His books were acclaimed world-wide and to this day are still sought after and collected, particularly the pre-war books, most of which have now been reprinted.
To assist you I am listing in chronological order the 33 books he wrote together with the two which were translated into Afrikaans.
Over the next few weeks I will try and detail each book with a brief summary of the main topic,although many of them appear in my web site,with some under Africana- Lawrence Green.

1.1933. The Coast of Treasure
2,1935. Great African Mysteries
3.1936. Secret Africa
4.1937. The Coast of Diamonds
5.1938. Strange Africa
6.1940. Old Africa Untamed
7.1945. Where Men Still Dream
8.1946. So Few Are Free
9.1947. Tavern of the Seas
10.1948.To the Rivers End
11.1949.In the Land of Afternoon
12.1950.At Daybreak for the Isles
13.1951.Grow Lovely,Growing Old
14.1953.Lords of the Last Frontier
15.1954.Under a Sky Like Flame
17.1956.There's a Secret Hid Away
18.1957.Beyond the City Lights
19.1958.South African Beachcomber
20.1959.These Wonders to Behold
21.1960.Eight Bells at Salamander
22.1961.Great North Road
23.1962.Something Rich and Strange
24.1963.A Decent Fellow Doesn't Work
25.1964.I Heard the Old Men Say
26.1965.Almost Forgotten,Never Told
27.1966.Thunder on the Blaauberg
28.1967.On Wings of Fire
29.1968.Full Many a Glorious Morning
30.1969.Harbours of Memory
31.1970.A Giant in Hiding
32.1971.A Taste of the South Easter
33.1972.When the Journey is Over

In Afrikaans
34.Min Mense is Vry

About Lawrence Green
John Yates-Benyon.....Memories of a Friendship 
Scott Haigh, editor......The Best of Lawrence Green

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to my Blog ! Let's talk about books !

I would like to talk about particular what we now refer to as "Africana" in other words any type of book concerning Southern Africa. Books about all aspects of Southern African life, it's history, peoples and places from it's earliest days.

This is a great country and whether you are at home or far away I shall try and make this blog as interesting, informative and as helpful as possible.

You are welcome to contribute or comment.This blog is connected directly to my web site.... and for direct access to the individual 'categories' such as "Africana-History" and , after perhaps browsing, should you wish to order by following the clear instructions it is simple and straightforward.

There is also a  'Book Finding Service' which is free.Or a simple 'e 'mail to will suffice.
Whilst "Africana "is clearly the main topic, many other 'genre' are featured.

Through the medium of my web site I have been asked many questions about the various authors whose books are featured and indeed about some who were not and who I have since added. Those who are popular and whom I shall feature invidually are :-

                     Lawrence G Green
                     T V Bulpin
                     A P Cartwright
                     H V Morton
                     Eric Rosenthal
                     Hedley A Chilvers
                     and many others.

I also aim to provide for as many authors as possible a list of their published titles .
Please let me know if there is any other information I can supply.