Sunday, February 27, 2011


A word of explanation for those of you new to my blog.Whilst I am not a purist in my interpretation of the term'Africana' I try and include on my web site  '' and on my blog 'dougs africana and collectable books ' as wide a selection of books about Southern Africa as I can,whether it be about this  region  or indeed written by an author from this area.What I have discovered is not only a fast growing interest in South Africa and it's surrounding countries but also an incredible number of different books and authors who fall into this category.
Of course, whilst 'Africana" accounts for a high proportion of sales I do keep many other subjects of interest to the reader and collector, both fact and fiction..
For me the greatest pleasure is finding books for people.I just wish I had more time.The demands of running a web site and a blog are considerable but it has it's rewards.By being linked to Bid or Buy not only produces orders but also supplies me with feedback from customers.People are very kind.Thank you !

Friday, February 4, 2011


Whilst there is no doubt that books on Southern Africa,what ever the subject, represent a very high proportion of second-hand books,there are many other subjects or categories that interest readers and collectors.
 One tries to keep as wide a selection of other subjects as possible but that only can cover a small proportion of the available books.What I have found encouraging is that customers are very patient and understanding particularly when using my service "doug finds books" which is free to every one.
I will gradually introduce more of the subjects and authors over the coming months which I hope you will find useful.For example I am hoping to extend the " Erotica" section having just recently added a very nice copy of " The Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio,complete and unexpurgated ! Illustrated by Rockwell Kent and translated by Richard Aldington.
Enquiries welcome to and more in due course.


 The biggest challenges I face whether operating my web site or my blog ,which are linked ,are overcoming the problems of adapting to the changes in procedures brought about by having the new Windows 7 installed. This has taken several weeks at the busiest time of year! However it is finally falling into place and it seems that I am now able to work on this blog which I have been unable to do for a while.