Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GEOFFREY JENKINS... Additional titles

To complete the list of Geoffrey Jenkins book titles, please see as follows :-


In Harms Way

Hold Down a Shadow

A Hive of Dead Men

A Daystar of Fear

As a matter of interest the following books were made into films :-

A Twist of Sand

The River of Diamonds 

In Harms Way

I hope that this will be of assistance to collectors of Geoffrey Jenkins' books.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


One of the writers who, probably more than most, introduced me to South African fiction,when I first arrived, was Geoffrey Jenkins.
Geoffey wrote about Southern Africa and he enthralled me with stories like 'A Twist of Sand ','A Grue of Ice'  'Scend of the Sea ', and so on.Very South African although his books were published in the UK there was nothing political about them.Just pure adventure !. Pure adventure which was very believable.
He was of course married to Eve Palmer, also a writer of note.
I have noted a new trend in book collection by people in South Africa and Geoffrey Jenkins has featured ,particularly, his signed copies. Certainly he was a very willing author signer at book launches here in South Africa. I have quite a good collection , both signed and unsigned. For your guidance I am listing some of his titles. I will be pleased to assist any collector in finding those elusive titles;-

A Twist of Sand

The Watering Place of Good Peace

A Cleft of Stars

A Grue of Ice

Scend of the Sea

Hunter Killer

The River of Diamonds

The Unripe Gold

A Bridge of Magpies

A Ravel of Waters

South Trap

All my books are in good condition and will have ther dust jackets.

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I shall be losting some of the other writers which are becoming collectable. Watch this space !

Friday, March 6, 2015


The words, most distinguished, have been used to describe Martin Gilbert,the British historian who passed away recently and few would quarrel with that.His output was staggering and if you consider that he spent 25 years  on the Winston Churchill biography, producing 8  large volumes,you  will appreciate the research and detail that were involved.
In all his historical books he endeavoured to weave together all aspects, political, diplomatic, military and personal.
This is particularly true of his "First World War" and "Second World War", both running to almost 900 pages.
His books on the Holocaust and the rise and menace of Nazi Germany have become major works of reference.
Space does not permit  listing all his work.

As a Fellow of Oxford University, he lectured there and he was in great demand for that. worldwide.

His work will live for a thousand years.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


John Gordon Davis, Born in Southern Rhodesia in 1936, educated and qualified as a lawyer,practised
in Rhodesia, South Africa and overseas wrote many books,mainly about Southern Africa, and a very good book, Operation Rhino.
A collectable writer with titles like 'Hold My Hand I'm Dying,The Land God Made in Anger,Seize the Reckless Wind and many others.
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ANDRE BRINK 1935-2015

Andre Brink, who died recently on a flight from Amsterdam to South Africa was not only a novelist of note who wrote fluently in both Afrikaans and English, but was also a Professor in both languages at the University of Cape Town.
This fluency enabled Brink to write his novels in both languages,which of course gave him international appeal.His novels were noted for their authenticity to the times in South Africa,
and his criticism of the apartheid regime led to his novel ' Kennis van die aand'  (Looking on Darkness) being the first Afrikaans writer having a book banned. He did however continue in this outspoken vein throughout his career  achieving international recognition. In the new democratic South Africa Andre Brink continued to involve himself in political issues in his novels and was also personally involved in presenting  a petition against the Secrecy Bill to Parliament,which, to this day remains unsigned by President Zuma.
He wrote over 20 novels the most notable being:-
                                                                               A Dry White Season(filmed with Marlon Brando& Donald Sutherland
                                                                               An Act of Terror

                                                                               A Chain of Voices

Currently I have many of his novels in stock in both Afrikaans and English,  and can source others if requested .
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Having said earlier  that I would not be providing an obituary I think it worth a few lines that the following have passed away recently and deserve a mention at least.It also gives me the opportunity to write a little about them as they relate to my own web
They are :-
                               ANDRE BRINK

                               JOHN GORDON DAVIS

                              MARTIN GILBERT

I can say, hand on heart, that I have sold by each of them,varied though they are.

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