Saturday, February 28, 2015

ANDRE BRINK 1935-2015

Andre Brink, who died recently on a flight from Amsterdam to South Africa was not only a novelist of note who wrote fluently in both Afrikaans and English, but was also a Professor in both languages at the University of Cape Town.
This fluency enabled Brink to write his novels in both languages,which of course gave him international appeal.His novels were noted for their authenticity to the times in South Africa,
and his criticism of the apartheid regime led to his novel ' Kennis van die aand'  (Looking on Darkness) being the first Afrikaans writer having a book banned. He did however continue in this outspoken vein throughout his career  achieving international recognition. In the new democratic South Africa Andre Brink continued to involve himself in political issues in his novels and was also personally involved in presenting  a petition against the Secrecy Bill to Parliament,which, to this day remains unsigned by President Zuma.
He wrote over 20 novels the most notable being:-
                                                                               A Dry White Season(filmed with Marlon Brando& Donald Sutherland
                                                                               An Act of Terror

                                                                               A Chain of Voices

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