Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'BIGGLES' STORIES AT "www.dougfindsbooks.com"

The author,W E Johns,wrote many,many ,stories about the famed flyer and adventurer who captured the imagination of many young people (including me !) over the years so it is only natural that I should keep a collection of these sought after books in my bookshop "Doug's Books" and on my web site "www.dougfindsbooks.com".At the moment I have the following :-

Biggles in the Orient
Biggles and the Black Peril
Biggles Air Detective
The Cruise of the Condor
Biggles Breaks the Silence
The Boy Biggles
Biggles of 266
Biggles Pioneer Air Fighter
Biggles Flies to Work
Biggles Follows On
Biggles Fails to Return
Biggles Flies Again
Biggles  and the Pirate Treasure
Biggles in Africa
Biggles Hits the Trail
Biggles of the Camel Squadron
Biggles Learns to Fly
Biggles Flies West
Biggles Charter Pilot
Biggles Delivers the Goods
Biggles Hunts Big Game
The First Biggles Omnibus

For more information,if you cannot find on my web site, drop me an e mail to colnic@telkomsa.net.
All communications will be answered.


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Books by the noted Cape Town writer are available as follows :-

Wines of Constantia
Cape Trails and Wilderness Areas
Waters of the Western Cape
The False Bay Story
Where to Walk in the Cape Peninsula
A  Peak to Climb
Latest Walks in the Cape Peninsula
The Cape of Good Intent
Guide to the Garden Route
Rediscovering the Garden Route

For further information and/or to order...e mail to Doug's Books...colnic@telkomsa.net

Saturday, October 13, 2012


 The master author of  spy and espionage fiction and still writing in his 80's ! Available hardback titles from Doug's Books...Tinker,Tailor,Soldier Spy, The Secret Pilgrim, The Little Drummer Girl, A Small Town in Germany, The Honourable Schoolboy, The Russia House, Smiley's People, Tha Night Manager, The Looking Glass War, Absolute Friends, The Constant Gardener and The Perfect Spy,mainly first editions,details from :- colnic@telkomsa.net


One of the more collectable writers of the 20th Century and certainly one of the most travelled. His book titles tell all !Available in hardcover...Caravans,  Poland , Iberia, Texas, Legacy, Journey,  and Space, more details from Doug's Books,colnic@telkomsa.net

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 For those of you who may have missed me I am back at last ! And on my own two feet as well.My new 'bionic' ankle is now behaving itself  and I am now able to get around and catch up on so many things.My thanks to my  surgeon Dr. Chris Graber and his great team at Faerie Glen Orthopaedic Hospital in Pretoria who have now fully restored me.
I have a million things to write about but let me first thank my customers who remained supportive over the past year and my apologies to those I may have disappointed.Nevertheless I have been impressed still, by the collectors among you who seek out the older writers and ask me to find their long 'out of print books'.I am used to Lawrence Green and T V Bulpin in particular with their Southern African scenarios and Wilbur Smith who, although still active at 79,has always been collectable.Now in recent months I have had Geoffrey Jenkins,Benjamin Bennett and A P Cartwright, and amazingly Sergeanne Golon of Angelique fame !And don't forget Ian Fleming !

If any of you would like information and assistance regarding the above or any other writers whether Southern African or  from overseas contact my e ....doug@dougfindsbooks.com or you can even telephone me,office hours at (27)12 361 5144 or leave an SMS on 082 831 2401.
I am going to list a few of these writers, in addition to those I have previously covered under individual headings by author for easier reference.By no means all of such books are listed on my web site...www.dougfindsbook.com

Here we go !